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At Namokar Enterprises, you can also find Flow switches used for displaying and monitoring the flow of liquid and gaseous media. The instruments feature a high switching accuracy and functional safety, low switch hysteresis, and continuous switch point setting by the operator. If you are looking for a quality flow switch with the product warranty and good sales at an affordable price, please contact us on the given numbers or visit our store on the mentioned address

There are several types of flow switched, and the wide selection of WIKA flow switches comprises viscosity-compensated models and ATEX-certified machines for use in dangerous environments. At Namokar, we have all types of flow switches at unbeatable prices, and you can deliver the same in pan India.

FLS Switch

The float switch is manageable to install and maintenance-free, so the prices of mounting, commissioning, and operation are low and have a feature like Large range of application due to the simple, proven functional principle etc.

ELS Switch

In an outer chamber, float with a permanent magnet moves on a guide tube to the liquid level, following the principle of transferring vessels. Within the guide, the cell is fitted a reed contact, which is energized, through the non-magnetic walls of the guide tube, by the approach of the float magnet.

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FWS Monitor

It has several features like High switching accuracy and functional safety, Large switching range, Continuous switch point setting by the operator, low switch hysteresis, and Viscosity compensated models available.

FSD-3 Switch

Special features of such switch are Reliable flow monitoring of liquid media, Switching and analog outputs for flow, temperature and diagnostics, and Free from wear, without any moving parts in the medium.

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