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Kranti water meter was established in 1980 and widely known as the manufacturer and Exporter of water meter across the world. While using modern technology and the latest Equipment,Kranti water meter manufacturers provide the best product through their Foundry. Due to Kranti Water meter’s early delivery and precision of the meters with calibration, they are well known and can deliver 500000 meters annually, which is a remarkable target to get.

There are two types of water meters used in the market when we talk about the kind of Kranti water meters. First, one is Screwed, and the other one is Flanged. There are different categories like Woltman and Bulk type in that. The use of the kind of water meter depends upon the area and application of usage 

Quality Control

The Management system of Aman Engineering Works is certified ISO-9001:2000 & ISO-14001:2004, and the goods are IS:779/1994 passed.

Casting Excellence

The raw elements used in the casting of bodies of water meters and their components are tested for physical and chemical characteristics before use by adequate personnel in a well-equipped laboratory.

Maintaining quality is the key factor. You have got to stick to your agreements, be open, honest and constantly comply with your customers’ wishes.
Aakarshan Jain
Founder of Namokar Entp.



The meter bodies and their parts are machined with modern lathes, captain, and automated machines via proper instrument viz. thread gauges, temples, micrometers, and gauges for thread dimension.



All plastic elements used in our water meters are made of excellent quality plastic granules and are produced on state-of-art computerized plastic injection molding machines, which enhance their quality of life.

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