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H.Guru South ‘Industrial Pressure Gauges’ are suitable for all general industrial applications. They are robust in their construction and are ideal for field applications. These gauges come with bourdon tube sensing elements. They have guaranteed initial accuracy and repeatability. Accuracy is maintained longer, resulting from sound design and fabrication of all the critical components in-house. The design incorporates a blow out a disc to maintain safety. These gauges are available with material and calibration certificates. They are available in a variety of casing options to suit most environments and applications.

Industrial Type is suitable for corrosive environments where the fluid medium does not clog the connection or the element, or corrode the wetted parts. Please review the corrosion chart provided on the official website. Please ascertain the suitability of the material to the specific application

Phenolic Gauge

These gauges are typically used in very harsh and highly corrosive environments. They are used in chemical, fertilizer, and petrochemical industries due to their sensitivity to the unfavorable conditions that such industries offer.

Liquid Filled Gauge

Liquid filled gauges are used in applications that involve high mechanical vibration and pulsating pressure. The sensing element, movement, and pointer are kept immersed in a liquid which dampens their motion and lengthens their life.

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Solid Front Guage

Solid Front Pressure Gauges are high safety gauges used in process industry applications. These mostly have a shield behind the window of the gauge to prevent any shock created within the gauge from shattering the window.


Mini Range

The Mini range of industrial pressure gauges necessarily includes the small dial size range of gauges suitable for general industrial applications.

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