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When we talk about pipes, then at Namokar, we have two types of pipes one is GI pipes, and the other one is MS pipes. GI Pipes were manufacture using mild steel strips of Low Carbon Steel Coils. The pieces are passed through a series of fin rolls to give them a circular shape. The slit ends of the strips are then welded together by continuously passing high-frequency electric current across the edges. The GI Pipes are regularly working for the distribution of treated or raw water in rural or urban areas. These pipes are cheaper, lightweight, and easy to handle.

At Namokar, you should suppose to get the best GI and MS pipes in unbeatable rates. MS pipes and MS tubes refer to Mild Steel Pipe or Mild Steel Tubes. Jindal Pipes is the company that manufactures high-quality MS pipes in India, and you can find the same at our place at the best prices


Jindal Pipes Ltd. (JPL) was incorporated in 1970 with a production capacity of 3000 TPA for the manufacturing of Steel Pipes & Tubes. Since then, the company has made remarkable development in the pipe manufacturing process though many innovative projects.


Tata Pipes, one of the first brands of plumbing pipes in India, has played a crucial role in the country’s modernization. These pipes are mainly used for carrying liquids and low-pressure gases. Plumbing, cold storage, fire-fighting, and idlers too come under this application.

Maintaining quality is the key factor. You have got to stick to your agreements, be open, honest and constantly comply with your customers’ wishes.
Aakarshan Jain
Founder of Namokar


Swastik Pipe Limited is one of the leading manufactures and exporter of T.T.swastik Band high-quality Mild Steel/Carbon Steel ERW Black and Galvanized Pipes/ Tubes Since 1973. Swastik Pipes is also manufacturing LINE PIPES as per APL Spec.5L since December 2005.


More than four decades earlier, Surya started producing steel pipes and has been expanding ever since. It is considered to be one of the biggest GI pipe manufacturers in India. Surya Roshni Ltd. has always been committed in terms of manufacturing and modernization.

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