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Namokar Enterprises is one of the best places where you can find the stand out quality of Insulating Mats. Safety Electrical Insulation Mats (IS:15652 ) Superseding IS:5424/69 was introduced in 2007, with the view of technological advancement and more stringent Industrial safety parameters. Insulating mats mainly used to secure the life of Electricians & other Technicians in case of any leakage of current while working work station. Synthetic Insulation mat confirms the complete safety of workers who are handling Live electronic pieces of equipment

Insulation mat IS 15652 is an elastomer that is a mixture of Rubber and Synthetic Sheet with a working temperature ranging from -10°C to +60°C. Each Meter of Mat should be free from all types of harmful physical irregularities such as pinholes, cracks, blisters, cuts, conductive embedded foreign matter etc.
There are several salient features of Electrical Insulating Mat As Per IS:15652-2006 like it has a Withstands voltages up to 65kV ac and 240V dc. Electrical Resistance up to 1494000 Mega Ohm.
Every Meter of Mat Tested & Stamped to IS 15652-06 specification with ISI marking.High Elongation & Tensile Strength. No tear or breakage due to Trolley movement & Foot Traffic.


When we talk about Insulating mats then usually there are two types of colour Black, and Blue are in demand and in-stock, but other colours are also available on request.


As per norms and standard, a width of the insulating mats is 1meter & length up to 10meter per Roll, but varying length is also available.

Maintaining quality is the key factor. You have got to stick to your agreements, be open, honest and constantly comply with your customers’ wishes.
Aakarshan Jain
Founder of Namokar Entp.


Every meter of Insulating mat should be marked with respective Class symbol, Lot No. or Batch number and Manufacturer’s Identity or Brand name.


Insulating Mats mostly Packed in Gunny bags of Jute/Hessian cloth to avoid any mechanical damage to the material in transit.

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